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Finding the best vendors

One of the trickiest parts of using the best vendors is finding them. The Wave is curating an extensive list of vendors to help teams like yours set up their supply chain (e.g. injection molders, 3D printing service bureaus, industrial designers, hardware suppliers, machine shops, finishing services, metrology providers, etc). Register for an account to access (and contribute to) this list and help our community accelerate the speed of engineering!

Other resources to help you succeed:

We are making this vendor connection portal available for free to the engineering community as part of our mission to accelerate the speed of engineering. Please note that by registering for an account you agree to being sent future communications from Pipeline Design & Engineering.


What is the vendor connection portal?

The vendor connection portal is one part of a larger platform called The Wave, where our mission is to dramatically increase the speed of engineering by providing tools, education and community. Over time The Wave will grow to include many features such as design reviews as a service, mentoring as a service, a community forum, physical tools for R&D and manufacturing teams, in person events, and more.

Another core feature of The Wave are our Design Accelerators (DAs): a library of CAD building blocks to accelerate your new designs, and act as inspiration to promote ideas and innovation during the design process. DAs help design engineers finish designs in hours instead of days. We have begun offering a small handful of them for free and they can be downloaded here:

How much does it cost?

For the foreseeable future, access to the vendor connection portal will be free, as will the DAs mentioned above. As The Wave matures, we will begin introducing paid elements to the platform, but we anticipate there will always be free levels of membership. We ask that you contribute to the growth of this platform by sharing your favorite vendors with the community, and by providing ratings and feedback when you use vendors others have shared so that we can all benefit together.

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Please enter your name, company name & contact information. You'll also be asked to create a unique username. This username is what will be displayed publicly when you add or review a vendor. A temporary password will be emailed to you once you submit your registration request. You will then be able to login with the username you provided and the password you received from us via email. After you have signed in for the first time, you may change your password to whatever you want.